Monday 13th November, 2006 - Bye Bye Nick

So the players may be safe, but the back room is certainly not a place to be. Nick Schifferman, our physio-in-training was released today with 3 years to go on his contract. Back room chatter seems to be that there's a new physio coming in and Bonesy couldn't get him past the board unless one physio went. I'm guessing Martyn's happy it wasn't him as I doubt Bonesy had much to do with any of them, so it was probably a draw-straws affair.

There's also a lot of people turning up for trials too. Very odd at this time of the season, but I guess Bonesy's got to get a feel for them. Seems a bit foreign turning up for training with 1/2 the squad a new faces.

Update: Speaking of foreigners, Sos Yao from the Ivory Coast came in on loan from Cheltenham. He's a pretty fast winger, but shy as. My guess is he's here to fill Adam's position who pulled a hamstring in last week's win. The guv is recruiting lake a madman!

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