Wed 13th Dec, 2006 - Aston Villa links

One of the deals I'd placed on the table earlier in the season has finally come through. Aston Villa have accepted a relationship between the clubs to chiefly give villa players a target for loans. The quality of players at Villa Park wil mean a healthy injection of talent into the worcester team if any decide to make the train trip down here.

2 of the new Aussies seem to have impressed enough from the trial runs to get a contract until the end of the year. With Clegg and Cornes out for a few games we'll certainly need some cover, but handing out contracts seems a bit rich. Maybe it's a reaction to the loss last week to Nuneaton?

Clegg had been going good. He picked up a double 2 weeks ago in our 3-0 thumping of Scarborough and looked set to lead the boys forward. The loss has hurt us in more ways than just his skills on the park.

This week is Cambridge in the FA Trophy.

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