Sat 15th Mar, 2008 - Worcester 20 points clear

After we pummeled Blyth 3:0 over last weekend, Blyth then also hosted Worcester midweek to find themselves on another losing wicket. The game could have gone either way, but classy finishing is what Worcester is all about now and left the stadium with a 4:2 win. Even an own goal couldn't slow them down!

What might make a difference though is 2 serious injuries they picked up in the match. Bodkin had to be stretchered off and the news wasn't good; a torn calf muscle will see him out for the rest of the season. Webster, who's only got a start during Cornes' injury, was also stretchered off with equally bad news; a broken leg. That puts the injury count back up to 4 with the goalie and utility player already sidelined.

It won't make too much difference to the table though, Worcester are at least in the playoffs with 8 games to go, but with 21 points clear at the top it's very likely they'll finish up champions. Such a turnaround from the struggling club I was managing a little over a year ago! Bonesy is certainly trying some unconventional formations and employment tactics, but it's turned to gold. Even fringe players are now looking in top form and each game brings more and more scouts to see what's working.

We're still hovering outside the playoffs. There's been some tight matches that we've snuck out of, but blowout losses have use down in goal difference. Apart from Worcester it's tight at the top with 2nd to 5th separated by only 2 points, and us 5 points back in 7th. We're playing away to Harrogate this afternoon which should be an entertaining match. A win here and we'll be right in the race for 2nd.