Sat 12th Apr, 2008 - Gateshead (2) v Worcester (1)

With the title already sewn up by Worcester and us out of playoff hopes in 9th, the game against them was lacking a little bit of fire. There has been some rivalry built up between our clubs and the boys were keen for a big one, but the exitement dulled once again upon the news of Southern's slipped disc. He's out for the season.

The game got away to a gentle start with quick stabs at goal by both sides. We save a top shot to the upper corner and it looks like Porter's going to have a big one. Webster is also getting larger up front and not even a yellow can keep him down. He's the first on the board with a pass-to-chest, drop and shoot. Worcester counter immediately, but many more balls through to Webster have them bottlng up.

2nd half keeps the same momentum and Webby's 2nd shot on target also blitzes the goalie. 2-1. Worcester loosen up and it's raining chances from all over the park for them. Porter is on song though and 8 screamers fail to find the back of the net. We could have easily lost by 5, but we'd also played well enough to justify the win.

That makes 3 losses in a row for Worcester, in fact they haven't won since they picked up the title. Something has dulled them. We're up to 8th after the win, but it's all to late for this season.

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