Monday, 6th March, 2006 - New manager Tony Bowes

Well I knew they were looking for a change in direction, but signing up a total unknown wasn't exactly what I had in mind. Tony Bowes has come over from Australia to try his hand at "soccer" management, with only amateur league experience before. Whatever the discussions were behind closed doors, he must have impressed the board with something because there were some notable managers looking to get the nod like David Hodgson (Darlington's ex-manager).

I had a chat to him to sort out our position and he seems a likeable chap; pretty jovial about the situation and eager to get to work. He's got no problems with me staying on and even offered to have get-together every now and then to talk over any ideas I have over a few pints. I ribbed him about whether he got his management certificate from a cornflakes box, but he just answered "computer games, mate", with a wink. He's got balls.

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