Saturday 21st October, 2006 - I'm the one to blame

I've been on the bench for a couple of months and have taken the field in the dying stages to get some more direct action going, but today I put myself in as a starter to lead by example. We had suffered a 0-4 drubbing at the hands of Hinckley and something needed to be done.

From the get-go things were heading south and fast. With the game only 14 minutes old we're down a goal to Moor Green and have 2 yellows against Ward and Clegg. I'm barking orders from the halfway line and missing out on opportunities up front. Suffice to say I was playing a shocker, but I seriously didn't care. My reputation as a manager was at stake and I felt I was more effective in the middle than being ignored from the sidelines.

We manage to hold together until the 84th minute where a hard tackle on Glasgow was enough to tip him over the edge. Frustrated about the league position and the lack of support, he lashed out and decked Moor Green's Lee Ayres. After the dust settled on an all in fistycuff, Glasgow is off for an early shower and 4 more have yellows to contend with. I'd subbed the lot of them to keep the game from imploding again.

I think that the end of my run as manager, I know I should have subbed myself off earlier in the came and kept a more composed perspective. The hounds are out for my blood anyway so it's time to go.

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