Saturday 11th November, 2006 - First test

Today's game was th first test for 'Bonesy', our new manager. Workington's been playing above expectations and were sitting 5th on the ladder. Their park was a little ordinary due to the wet weather, but it fined up enough to keep the fans in the stands. We fielded a pretty standard team, apart from Chris being sent up front instead of out at the wings. I got bench duty probably more due to the depleted stock of strikers from injury than any bones thown my way.

10 minutes in and our counterattacking style released Cornes for a magnificent opener. An inspired selection? We let one through a couple of minutes later, but after a contraversial penalty decision we're up 2-1 at the break. Traore' finished a good build up play by placed Cornes scalped his defender again to start off the 2nd half with a goal and disbelief from the stands as we're up 3-1. Sloppy defence let an easy shot on goal for Workington's Barklay and he didn't miss. Could it be a sign of defeat looming again? Cornes fell hard off a shove and landed awkwardly on his wrist. It looked bad and he went straight to the sheds to get some attention on it. I got a run in his place and I must admit it was great not having to think about the club's position or the bickering, just getting on the grass and calling the ball. A great build up play stretching from the back line through many feet to Glasgow's run down the side gave Traore' an easy finish to hopefully seal the deal. We're feeling a different team and it doesn't look like there's any reply. Full time blows and we're claiming an emphatic 4-2 victory away from home. Good work boys!

We get back to a chairman's party with some of the faithful who also made the trip to Borough Park. Dave's chuffed and taking this as a sign of things to come. He's claiming the win, but I guess you gotta get some praise for sticking your neck out on the block and going with a rookie. No hard feelings Dave.

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