Sat 28th Apr, 2007 - Seventh

After the Worksop debacle, we knew we'd need to be lucky to get into the playoffs. Hinckley went on to win both their remaining games to make it a non-event. We thumped Hyde 3-0 at their place and drew with frontrunners Stalybridge to finish up the season.

Well, all in all it turned out to be a decent season for us, but a pretty dismal year for me. The team is infused with some quality youth players now and is looking strong. There seems to be no real doubt about going up next year if we keep playing like we did through the closing games. Bonesy seems to have cemented his position as manager and I'm guessing they'll give him a bit more lattitude next year.

There's still a handful of us not on contracts yet for next year, and with the new recruits filling out the first team I'm guessing they won't be coming either. I'm still on the fence about next year. Airbus are still sniffing, but I'm guessing they'll wait until I'm off contract before letting me know exactly what they have in mind. The Welsh league isn't exactly glory central, but it might be worth a shot if the deal is right. Some of my mates from Aston Villa are coming down for the friendly arranged in a couple of week's time. I think that'll settle what the next step will be.

Here's the final league positions for season 06/07:

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