Sun 15th Apr, 2007 - Bad decisions

Big decision yesterday saw the end of our unlikely charge to the playoffs. We're 0-0 with Worksop with 30 minutes to go and we're peppering their goal (nothing's going near the net tho :/ ). They a break down the right side and cross into an open Owens on a charge into the box. Hennesey comes out off the line and goes down low for the ball. The ball bounces off Hennessey, but Owens clatters over him and lands hard. The ref points to the spot and then sends Hennessey off! Professional foul my arse. The hill erupts and gives the ref what for, but to no avail, the damage is done. They slot it past Coates to make the farce complete. Someone from our side got a yellow for dissent too.

Bloody Refs.

The first team has been going good in the last couple of months. They have managed a record of 10-2-2 since the new year and have pushed up into the top half of the table. The guv's been pushing hard to get us into a playoff spot and no-one would have thought it possible until this last run of wins. Although it's still possible to get there, with only 2 games to go we need Hinckley and Nuneaton to lose at least one. Even though we got one back to make a draw out of the Worksop game, we're screwed now. Did I mention how bad that decision was? Bonesy got stuck into Cooper after the game too, but only managed to get a warning from the FA.

Been a pretty ordinary couple of months for me. The lads on trial are stealing the limelight in our reserves games, and even though we're winning most of the friendlies organised, we're a topsy turvy lot. Airbus UK have indicated that they might be interested in my signature, but a year or two in the stands is sounding pretty good about now. There's no deal forthcoming from the management yet, but I'm not looking for anything less than a manager spot anyway.

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