Sun 12th Aug, 2007 - Gateshead!

Ahh, the press release says it all really. I'm now the new manager of Gateshead!

We'd been in talks for a couple of weeks about a part time managerial position and the current status of the club. It's an amazing setup at Gateshead International Stadium, more famous for its atheletics than the footy, but still sporting a magnificent surface and seating for around 12,000. The talent is a little on the light side though and Gateshead has barely enough youth to see them through the local competitions. The proximity to Newcastle is probably the main cause of that as even the local crowd are known to come down to the ground in black and white. All I see is potential though, and with the side facing relegation it's a challenge I'm going to relish.

It's a pity the paperwork didn't go through a day earlier as I've missed the start of the season. Richard acting as caretaker manager steered the boys to a 1-0 win away at Guiseley to set a good, positive tone from the season opener. The boys look keen, and that's all I ask...

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