Thu 11th Jan, 2007 - New Trials

The new year has come and gone and we still seem to be stuck in the bottom part of the table. The results have been frustrating more than anything as we're performing well, just not getting the 3 points. 2 draws on the trot followed by a desperate late goal against Alfreton last week sees us 15th on the ladder, but it could have been so much more (10th?).

Cambridge knocked us out of the cup after a 1-1 draw at their place gave us real hope of clinching the deal at home. Just couldn't get the ball toward the net to go down 0-1. Really knocked us around as we'd thought it was our chance to shine.

3 new trials came in today, mostly Aussie teenagers from the end of the season down under. Mark Bresciano's brother is amongst them and he's showing some flair an a spark that could make him take off, but he's hitting his prime now so he could be just unavailable opportunity. These are my thuoghts though, the boys in the back room seem pretty chuffed that he's here.

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